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    DejiDejiPrije mjesec
    • Oi friend me

      ilyviolin3ilyviolin3Prije mjesec
    • why you so close to the camera!? lmao

      KevgilKevgilPrije mjesec
    • Wow 😂

      Daniel Just for funDaniel Just for funPrije mjesec
    • I have and sub on my second account

      Mollie’s BakesMollie’s BakesPrije mjesec
    • Please do this vid again it was awesome

      Ben ChildsBen ChildsPrije mjesec
  • "I will get a good haircut and u guys will still say its shit"😂😂😂

    ItzLemzItzLemzPrije mjesec
  • Why do people hate deji so much I don’t even understand it’s peak 😭

    DavidHddDavidHddPrije mjesec
  • Make and updated version of dumb comments/ dumb tweets etccccc..

    Jooe BideNJooe BideNPrije mjesec
  • Apphi jungi fatso papi

    Rishabh VeerenRishabh VeerenPrije mjesec
  • 5:48 that name “young dagger dick” is a reference to Jahseh aka X, basically he nicknamed himself young dagger dick, and that dude is a fan of X 😂

    Mr. MMr. MPrije mjesec
  • Deji: DONT COME TO MY HOUSE Also Deji: come to my house and I’ll give you money.

    Harry HibbertHarry HibbertPrije mjesec
  • Title should be : saying sus things for 8 minutes and 38 seconds

    Sebastian Lucas Kwame Kjellberg-AmissahSebastian Lucas Kwame Kjellberg-AmissahPrije mjesec
  • Dude laughs like a child

    Kinetic_PegasusKinetic_PegasusPrije mjesec
  • Old Deji’s back !!!

    Aj DnAj DnPrije mjesec
  • 6:16 Its not a good idea to slap it own African mum

    evo megoevo megoPrije mjesec
  • You have always had good hair your the best youtuber in the world people are so mean to you hope you are ok Deji and your fam

    Elite CrypticElite CrypticPrije mjesec
  • This guys laughter is funny

    Funny shores GamerFunny shores GamerPrije mjesec
  • If ur losing an argument change it to something u will win

    Gawa TexeiraGawa TexeiraPrije mjesec
  • U look like steedoj

    Gawa TexeiraGawa TexeiraPrije mjesec
  • Tank gang

    OmarionOmarionPrije mjesec
  • This video is funny lol!! I can't stop laughing

    Humaira BegumHumaira BegumPrije mjesec
  • Lovin' that intro tho

    Humaira BegumHumaira BegumPrije mjesec
  • Deji "Sub and your 2021 will be amazing (First day of 2021 my mom dies) Me :/

    HGHHGHPrije mjesec
  • Did he say I can play whit tank now😭😭😭

    dari _frezzydari _frezzyPrije mjesec
  • Zam zam zam zam zam zam zam zam zam zam zam zam.

    FaixzFaixzPrije mjesec
  • Deji saying he would “sit on his face” and f* him up Me: “he literally just admitted to being fat.”

    Skyler ChanSkyler ChanPrije mjesec
  • Deji: you want 190 pounds I'll give you 190 pounds Me: isn't that guy big enough with all that cocky confidence?

    제니퍼제니퍼Prije mjesec
  • deji-“Ayo that last part was kinda sus” deji 5 minutes before-“let me sit on yo face”

    GUCCI SangGUCCI SangPrije mjesec
  • Tank gang

    Mintyy Boxed YouMintyy Boxed YouPrije mjesec
  • I want dej to get waves

    King JacksonKing JacksonPrije mjesec
  • Deji YoungDaggerDick was on Of Jahseh's nicknames Jahseh aka XXXTENTACION

    Elijah JonesElijah JonesPrije mjesec
  • Happy Late New Year Deji!!!! Stay Safe!!!!

    Manav SManav SPrije mjesec
  • Denis laugh is amazing lmao

    Exotic ForzExotic ForzPrije mjesec
  • Ur content are so good I wait until u upload atleast 4 vids jus to keep watching them. Ur awesome dej love u man keep u the good work.😁💙👍

    KOVAXKOVAXPrije mjesec
  • That intro my guy 🔥

    TexasrangerTexasrangerPrije mjesec
  • Yep this channel is dead

    John LewJohn LewPrije mjesec
  • I’ve never laughed so much😂😂😂😂😂😂

    G3 SNIPEZG3 SNIPEZPrije mjesec
  • Can I get a pause moment for 2:20 lol he was examining it for a good 4 seconds

    GoldenLegendGoldenLegendPrije mjesec
  • Yes

    j azj azPrije mjesec
  • Please do this again 😂

    john schniederjohn schniederPrije mjesec
  • We don’t care how your hair looks Deji we love it anyhow

    Dillan MistryDillan MistryPrije mjesec

    It's BlazenIt's BlazenPrije mjesec
  • This was funny

    YoboFNYoboFNPrije mjesec
  • “uh that kinda sus” should’ve been the title 🤣

    Baby MalcolmBaby MalcolmPrije mjesec
  • Lol, what’s wrong with being Private.

    Yamzie MoyoYamzie MoyoPrije mjesec
  • 2:30

    Ghost Of Darkness 98Ghost Of Darkness 98Prije mjesec
  • Do it again

    Ludy FigLudy FigPrije mjesec
  • We need more of this!!

    Roni KachallnikuRoni KachallnikuPrije mjesec
  • I like yur intros this days

    TBJTBJPrije mjesec
  • Dude make a part 2 but only girls edition

    hamza souissihamza souissiPrije mjesec
  • deji: reads dms keem: his making fun of people who cant read

    SergeantScopezSergeantScopezPrije mjesec
    • Haha...

      ZishanZishanPrije mjesec
  • this vid was too funny lmao

    SergeantScopezSergeantScopezPrije mjesec
  • Me: deji you lost to jake paul. Deji: I know you are but what am i

    nick snydersnick snydersPrije mjesec
  • Hi deji

    Lewis ChapmanLewis ChapmanPrije mjesec
    • Hello Lewis it's Ashton......LMAO

      VIRTELZVIRTELZPrije mjesec
  • get a new intro

    Plug SocketPlug SocketPrije mjesec
  • Sus

    Sims SallySims SallyPrije mjesec
  • Deji u were acting a bit sus cant lie

    ZECHYYY -ZECHYYY -Prije mjesec
  • Get waves!

    I’m so coolI’m so coolPrije mjesec
  • Deji is too original

    KribeaKribeaPrije mjesec
  • Deji's fans: watching this vid Also Deji's fans: Goes to dm deji

    Jun ParkJun ParkPrije mjesec
  • Someone edit this video, you know what to do ahhahaa

    London BikerLondon BikerPrije mjesec
  • Why is he looking at it?

    prez fnprez fnPrije mjesec
  • Just to let everyone know ... deji wants you to know that no one knew that he was doing this video XD

    Ashley WalpoleAshley WalpolePrije mjesec
  • Loved it

    Pretty ShyPretty ShyPrije mjesec
  • your turning into your dad

    Chris DianChris DianPrije mjesec
  • Random guy : do you answer? Deji : am i a joke to you?

    AdjunctLuckAdjunctLuckPrije mjesec
  • I want the comedy shorts gamer intro

    THE MAD LADTHE MAD LADPrije mjesec
  • 5:46 who understood the x reference?

    Akshaya NairAkshaya NairPrije mjesec
  • My guy uses year 6 comebacks 😂😂

    Airingas AkuceviciusAiringas AkuceviciusPrije mjesec
  • 5:15 It was to funny until I spilled my food on me 🤣🤣

    syahmi jamaludinsyahmi jamaludinPrije mjesec
  • The classic ' i know you are but what am i ' won so many primary school arguments with that.

    Megan JohnsonMegan JohnsonPrije mjesec
  • The hat is to cover his forehead

    XboyXboyPrije mjesec
  • 😂😂😂😂

    CageyCageyPrije mjesec
  • A

    QuantumQuantumPrije mjesec
  • 6:15 does it really work tho.....? With African parents?? Downstairs: Deji’s mum “ alright get the baton ready for the hourly spanking session”!

    Istealstufff is a legendIstealstufff is a legendPrije mjesec
  • Do this again plz

    Dashawn LonechildDashawn LonechildPrije mjesec
  • Already subbed dropped a like EZ CLAP”super duper god tier”

    Matthew JoyMatthew JoyPrije mjesec
  • This is the video where I realised how rude Deji can actually be😂

    Tanzanias FinestsTanzanias FinestsPrije mjesec
  • Bruh u forgot about me lmao

    DarthDanDarthDanPrije mjesec
  • Random guy: give me ten pounds Deji: I will pound you. Me: uhhh...uhhh...ok

    venkatasai pachunoorivenkatasai pachunooriPrije mjesec
  • 1:57 kinda gay ngl

    Mohammed FaezMohammed FaezPrije mjesec
  • POV: as soon as you saw this video you checked your dms to see if Deji has read yours

    OllycfcOllycfcPrije mjesec
  • this cured my aids and cancer !! ty deji !!

    Aaron MeylerAaron MeylerPrije mjesec
  • Goat

    Isaac RiochIsaac RiochPrije mjesec
  • The intro reminds me off worm deji

    ThatGuyAlexThatGuyAlexPrije mjesec
  • Just 1 good even fade. Deji please😂

    Daniel AyooDaniel AyooPrije mjesec
  • Dreadlocks?

    XenruXenruPrije mjesec
  • 1:55 "Lemme sit on your face and fuck you up" Woahh Deji moving a bit mad

    Simon PunelliSimon PunelliPrije mjesec
  • I know you are but what am I ? *says insult* I know

    Arron BayleyArron BayleyPrije mjesec
  • It’s ok deji my forehead big too

    lil ldplil ldpPrije mjesec
  • Wow 😂

    Daniel Just for funDaniel Just for funPrije mjesec
  • 2:13 why does he keep starring at it

    S HS HPrije mjesec
  • Happy New Year Deji, hopefully 2021 will be much better 😊❤️

    BlackAntoITABlackAntoITAPrije mjesec
  • I already liked it before you said haha because idgaf about my life and want to support you❤️❤️

    Alice NowellAlice NowellPrije mjesec
  • 1:57 , he forgot to say no homo

    Curtis St LewisCurtis St LewisPrije mjesec
  • Respect to the yung dagger dick guy, he's an xxx tentacion fan❤️

    Ishmael Miles22Ishmael Miles22Prije mjesec
  • Dejiart?

  • Happy New Year Deji

    Jayant CallaJayant CallaPrije mjesec
  • WE WANT A Part 2

    Patty DimesPatty DimesPrije mjesec
  • 2:53 he don’t know your location 😂😂

    Abdulla AL AidarousAbdulla AL AidarousPrije mjesec
  • im starting to think deji is gay from the things he says lol

    SaymanameSaymanamePrije mjesec
  • This video is funny asf ngl

    Daniel oonDaniel oonPrije mjesec
  • Happy new year everyone ❤️

    manuell ajvazimanuell ajvaziPrije mjesec
  • My mate is the owner of the young dagger dick acc

    Leni ElliottLeni ElliottPrije mjesec